Almost March Already?

I'm going to avoid getting into exactly how many day we have until our thesis install for the sake of mental stability, but none the less, it is creeping up even faster than I imagined. I'm making headway on completing the final piece I plan to include in the show and re-editing the stuff most of the stuff you guys have seen. I plan to wrap up production here in the next two weeks in order to shift my focus to the installation and the thesis paper. That being said, I plan to have everyone meet in the gallery, so I can get some input on how things are working in that space.

I have also started to work on finalizing documentation of this work for my portfolio. I have several application deadlines coming up, and would like some feedback on the few photos I have taken. I have been updating my website regularly as I document things.



Thesis Crit 2

   I guess you can really consider this critique a first critique because it is an entirely different body of work than we previously talked about. This new body of work consists of sculptures that are common objects or symbols that stand alone as a single image. Each image has some significance to my personal narrative. This is important only in the fact that I know it will allow the viewer to bring their own perceptions and views on to the work, which has been a struggle in my past work. The scale of each of these objects will be an important factor in how they are read and interpreted.
       I have also been looking at a bunch of new artists because of this change in direction. I have been looking at artists like Claes Oldenburg and Urs Fischer who make the common objects on this monumental scale. I have also been introduced to a few new artists like Franz Vest and Rachel Harrison. I think that their is this parallel happening in aesthetic where it is almost semi-representational at times because of the objects wonkiness.